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1. | Jan 5, 2018
2. | Apr 25, 2014
Actually I sort of figure some uttriwnen rules when I read some thread in BaiduSukbar (China) that Sukkie don't like to be touched (or worst mobbed) if he has not given permission (like HTK in YAB) ^_^ Especially during LoungeH or clubbing, that is the time when he can be himself & enjoy the freedom, rules seem to be no autograph, photos, vids, mobbing.. just treat him as DJ.. really not sure if this is written rules somewhere for new eels as I can't understand the main fanclub site
3. | Sep 1, 2013
RochelleYes, you were with me Amanda. Remember how delighted we were! Remember how we ran into David and his gang at the mall and I had to show them off, like any of them cared as much as we did.I was so afriad to get them dirty. I actually took different shoes to Disneyworld a few days later so I wouldn't get them messed up. I'm glad you feel the same way, because for whatever reason they really remind me of good times and feel special somehow. And thanks about the blog! Moving my blog over to a hosted site that uses is awesome. There's so much more you can do there. If you're ever inclined, let me know and I'll lend you a hand. I learned a lot in this process!
4. | Sep 1, 2013
Fiidnng this post has solved my problem
5. | Jul 7, 2013
DeZoSSeuR dit :c est vrai que l on vois son point en effet mais tu peut voir que tsunade9 a aussi eocrne son losange sur le front tsunade9 a peut eatre trouve9 le moyen d appliquer sa technique a d autre personne ou quelqu un d autre dans l alliance dispose d une technique de re9ge9ne9ration cellulaires, va savoir Aime : 0
6. | Jul 5, 2013
DeZoSSeuR dit :c est clair mais kishi nous surprendra aussi de toute fae7ons d une fae7on ou d une autre on sera tous sur le cul meame si c est mradaa Aime : 0
7. | Jun 13, 2013
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8. | Jun 10, 2013
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9. | Jun 10, 2013
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10. | May 21, 2013
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11. | May 19, 2013
I think it was because if they went on with arymone episodes there wouldn't be a place to end the series. Since the manga was so long the anime couldn't keep going with the episodes because there would be too many. *Spoiler* I think that when Kyou turned into the monster and Toru was able to save him was the best ending they could make for the anime without making it last too long.
12. | May 17, 2013
That's the tnhiikng of a creative mind